Ace reporter strikes campaign tune with journalists


Dear Colleagues, as campaign for our forthcoming SWASAL elections is expected to commence today, I want to bring this message to you as one of those that are aspiring for the enviable position of Secretary General of SWASAL to the entire membership as well as Sports Journalists who are perhaps not yet members of our noble association. (Photo: Morris first with Man City Manager of the Reserves squad during World Cup in South Africa)

I am with the firm belief that the SWASAL delegate conference is not only about electing a new executive to lead the association but it is also important for members to note that it will also be a platform where issues affecting journalists and sports journalism in the country such as capacity building, equity and fair opportunities will be deliberated and resolutions reached at on how all of us will want to see our unique and enviable association thrive under a new dispensation.

As we prepare for the AGM and as other contenders for various positions are gearing up preparing their campaign plans and strategies we must not allow anything that has the tendency to divide us as colleagues, brothers, sisters and friends. Those things that will bring hate, grudge and malice we should detest and embrace those that will bring us together and strengthen our bond even after the AGM and elections, let put SWASAL first and look at the bigger picture instead of individuals.

Let come out united than ever before in a conducive atmosphere where losers will congratulate those who will win and the winners will be ready to work with those who loose, this is an AGM where we will be voting and it not a war which is why am admonishing all of us to maintain utmost discipline and be of great example to our colleagues, our parent body SLAJ and the entire country if not even the sub-region or globally.

As we embark on showcasing our different candidates and why they should be elected I want to also appeal that we do it with respect and civility avoiding unnecessary personal attacks and mudslinging that will end up causing chaos, let keep it clean and responsible as matured and informed individuals, the delegates will decide on who they believe in to give their mandate.

Elections do come and go but we will still remain as colleagues and a family so let have that in mind as we campaign and go to the pools, let don’t allow anything I repeat anything that will divide us because it will end up hurting us.

As I end I will like to appeal to the delegates who will be casting their ballots on that fateful day to think wisely and vote for me Sahr Morris Jr. as your Secretary General, my credentials, practice and interpersonal relationship speaks for itself and with that am sure you will make a wise decision for the benefit of our cherished SWASAL.

Thanks for your attention, may God bless, guide and protect all of us.

Long live journalism, long live SWASAL.



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