Parliament appoints new chairman for sports


The committee on Appointment in Parliament has appointed Honourable of Constituency 59 (Tonkolili) district, Hon. Hassan Sesay in photo as the new chairman of the Parliamentary Sports Oversight Committee.

The Parliamentary Committees – empowered by Section 93 (3) of the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone to investigate or inquire into the activities or administration of such Government Ministries or Departments and Agencies (MDAs) as may be assigned to them, “and such investigation or inquiry may extend to proposals for legislation.”

More specifically, they can review/scrutinize

  1. The laws governing the administration and general operations of the MDAs assign to them.
  1. The programs, policy objectives of the MDAs, legislation, and the effectiveness of their implementation.
  1. The immediate, medium and long-term expenditure plans of the MDA and the effectiveness of the budget execution thereof.
  1. Analyze the relative success of the MDAs in meeting their objectives.
  1. Exercise general oversight of the executive activities etc.
  2. Hon. Hassan told reporters that his committee will do all they can to promote sports in the country. He said: “We are going to look at the whole situation and see how this Oversight Committee of Sports will help in developing sports in the country especially football. We will try to restore sanity in football which is the most followed discipline in the country.

“Most of our problem we are facing currently in sports is football which is the most watch game in the country and the world respectively.

He said his committee will collaborate with both the Ministry of Sports and the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) to achieve that goal.

When asked whether they would only limit their activities on football, he replied “Football is the most followed discipline and loved by the youth in the country and the football saga is making the headlines every other day in the country, so our committee would do all we can to restore sanity in the game,” he noted

He added that they would also be looking at the activities of Volleyball, Cricket, Table Tennis, Athletics, Cycling, Boxing etc. He however called on the youth to be patient adding that “Rome does not build in a day”, he fumed.

He stressed that his committee would try to be more proactive in addressing the issues as soon as possible.

By Martin Wusha Conteh


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