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Sahr Morris Jrn is the 2017 NEA’s Sports journalist of the Year

Thanks and appreciation message by Sahr Morris Jrn. NEA’s Award winner for Best Sports Journalist 2017.

“It is a truism in mere constancy that a society that fails to applaud good actors is on the brink of extinction” and on that note, it is with immeasurable joy, punctuated with a deep sense of humility and pride that I want to express my profound thanks and appreciation to Almighty God for the gift of life and guidance towards journalism as a career path. Without this Supreme Being, I would not have been here today to have been recognised as the NEA Sports Journalist of the Year for 2017.

I am eternally grateful and forever indebted to my family, friends and well-wishers who in diverse ways have contributed immensely towards my “Journalistic” career thus far. You people have a special niche in my heart for your trust and belief in me.

This achievement would have been impossible without you the voters and I am inspired and motivated by the confidence you people have reposed in me and as the public judge of this award, I will not let you down.

I hereby dedicate and share this award to my fellow nominees who in diverse ways have helped to shape my career in journalism and I am of the firmest belief that all of you guys deserve this award like me. Thanks for being healthy, friendly, and above all honest competitors. May God/Allah bless our journey towards promoting sports journalism in Sierra Leone? I have nothing but respect and admiration for your achievements fellow nominees.

I am grateful to the following groups, in whom I have seen a family and new found hope in what I am doing because you guys spurred me to this height. Thanks to the Liberals Brotherhood, Empirex Club, Masscom family, Prince of Wales Alumni Association, Generals Entity, New Apostolic Choir, Concord Times and Radio Mercury, Mercury PR Department, Nurses Association in Makeni, Friends of 2Together, Rendezvous, and all other social media outlets and groupings I have been privileged to be part of. From the remote part of my heart, I thank you all for being there for me.

Special thanks to LAKE Production for this honour and I must state here that despite the challenges in organising such event of grandeur and prestige, you were able to organise a program worthy of remembrance.

It has never been easy studying and balancing journalism. Sometimes publishing two or three articles a day and also combining it with academia is no easy feat. But, I am grateful for arriving thus far.

Thanks to all the numerous institutions that are always willing to help me with information such as FIFA, IAAF etc. You guys made me a better researcher in the quest to attain objectivity.

I will be remiss in my appreciation message if I fail to recognise the invaluable role of my wife and daughter in this journey of journalism. Sometimes, I will stay so late in the office that I will forget I have a family at home. Had it not been for an understanding wife whose support can only be compared to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, I would have crumbled under pressure many times. I love you honey and thanks for supporting my career journey.


(C) Sahr Morris Jrn.

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