BK Häcken striker, Alhassan ‘Crespo’ Kamara, has confirmed that he will have to wait until the end of August for a further diagnosis to determine when he will be fit to return to action.

Kamara, who joined the club from Örebro SK in July 2016, is suffering from a patellar tendinitis injury.

Patellar tendinitis or Hopparknä is an injured knee that causes pain. It is a common diagnosis in sports where running and jumping are included, such as handball, high jump and soccer.

“I’m scheduled to be out until the end of August and after they will take a new X-RAY and they will decide what to do from there,” a frustrated Kamara told footballsierraleone.net.

“We want to give rehab a chance to avoid surgery,” says Patrik Ghazarian, a physician stated a few weeks ago.

“We are following it carefully and hope that this plan will work so that he will be back soon on the football field again,” Ghazarian on Kamara’s injury told the club’s website.

Kamara has scored five goals in twelve Swedish top flight matches for Häcken prior to his injury

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