SC Cambuur attacking midfielder, Issa Kallon (pictured) has tendered an unreserved apologise in a Netherlands court on Monday after he was handed a 240-hour maximum work penalty and a conditional four-month celestial sentence for an alleged scandal with a teenager.

The 21-year-old told the court: “She looked very mature and old. I was very upset when I heard she was a minor. I’m very sorry about that.”

Kallon who was born in the Netherlands from Sierra Leonean parents and is still eligible to represent Sierra Leone told the prosecutor that things did not go well between him and his girlfriend at the time.

The disappointed youngster further told the court that he felt he had already been convicted by public opinion but do appreciate the support of his club.

“I felt am already been convicted by public opinion. On the internet, I got threats. Fortunately, my club is behind me. They have wanted to hear my side of the story and are happy,” he said.

The alleged sex issue was said to be way back in August 2015, when the girl’s mother reported that the daughter was found in a car by Kallon, who was in the contract at FC Utrecht.

According to the prosecutor, although the sex was voluntary, the footballer should have known that it could not have done it adding that girl was used as a ‘willow tool’.

Kallon’s SC Cambuur in a short statement said: “As a club, we do not want to anticipate the judgment of the judge. The verdict in the case will take place on 13 November.”

By Sahr Morris Jr In Nottingham – Follow the writer @morrisjr88

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