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African News: Liberia FA elections gets Court injunction

The race to elect new Liberia Football Association president after eight years under Musa Hassan Bility has taken another twist, following aspirant George Solo court injunction.

Mustapha Raji, LISCR FC’s president (Pictured) secured 16 votes, Musa Shannon current vice president amassed 13 votes and former Soccer international, George Solo was able to secure five, during the LFA elections on Saturday, April 14.

None of the three candidates reaches the 18 votes of two -third simple majority as stipulated in the LFA constitution, ushering the elections into a direct runoff between Mustapha Raji and Musa Shannon.

Seven minutes to kick-start the Presidential runoff the Civil law court of Liberia through the Protest of George Solo ordered that the Presidential runoff been put on hold with immediate effect.

According to Solo, he went to court because Mustapha Raji is not a degree holder, which is a violation of the election guidelines. Solo alleged prior to the election the degree he presented was fake.

The former ex-international also alleged that Raji did not go through all the electioneering process and as a result, ‘the route is not clean and credible’ he told our African correspondent in Liberia.

Defending such allegations Raji classed Solo as a coward and vehemently stated, ‘I went through all the process from integrity checks, Nationality, and educational status which was presented to the bodies set up for the election as mandated by the LFA constitution.’

“I am very disappointed at George Solo for his attitude towards this election for filing in a court injunction on such grounds.”

“I have proven myself to the delegates, the youths, Children of Liberia, and they have the desire for me to lead them this is just a distraction from solo,” he told Football Sierra Leone African correspondent in Liberia.

Deputy Minister of Sports Andy G. Quamie admittedly stated, “The Process was clean, fair, and transparent wherein all three candidates were given the green light to contest. In my view, this court injunction is very unfair to the People of Liberia they deserved better than this.”

Meanwhile, Football delegates and Pundits are pointing fingers to Liberia big spender politician Ben Urey as the rock behind this court injunction; they also alleged he is the sponsor of George Solo Presidency.

Meanwhile, no date yet has been announced for a hearing at the Civil Court of Liberia.

By Our African Correspondent in Liberia Prince Scott – Follow the writer @PrinceArmaniSc2

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