The Liberia Football Association (LFA) will on Saturday 8th September swear in LISCR Football Club Chairman Mustapha Raji as President.

This comes after former LFA’s Vice President 1 Musa Shannon step down four days to the elections.

According to Mr Shannon, who said on ECOWAS radio that his reason to step down is in the best interest of Liberia football and nothing political.

Raji has been the favourite with an expected 22 votes out of the 34 voting delegates making it impossible for the former LFA Vice President 1.

“I want to respect the decision of my brother I believed he did it in the interest of fair play and Liberia football we are going to work together to Developed and Promote Liberia football, “he told in Monrovia.

“There is no winner or loser in this contest. We all just need to work together for the betterment of Liberia football.”

Meanwhile, the outgoing LFA’s boss Musa Bility has confirmed in a statement transferring authority to new President-elect Mustapha I. Raji.

Mr Bility in a communication to football stakeholders said he was informed by the LFA Secretary-General that one of the Presidential candidates Musa Shannon has withdrawn from the race.

“I’ve just been informed by the SG that Mr Musa Shannon has withdrawn from the upcoming Presidential Election. With this information, I wish to inform you that the process of Transition will start immediately”, Bility wrote stakeholders.

The LFA has been in Leadership crisis for about eight months now the stepping down of Musa Shannon for the Saturday race will make way for a new leadership from Musa Ability who took office in 2009.

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