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Sierra Leonean fans angry with FIFA, SLFA executive

FREETOWN: By Sahr Morris jr – follow the writer @morrisjr88

Some football loving fans in Sierra Leone have taken to social media expressing their disappointment with the long-lasting football impasse in the country thereby blast the world football governing body, FIFA and the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) executive.

The latest outburst from fans in the country came after the SLFA media team last Friday released an unsigned press release with the headline: “SLFA executive committee takes a position on ACC ultimatum.”

According to the said release, the world football governing body informed them (SLFA), that they are monitoring the development of the SLFA and the ACC ultimatum while admitting that further information on the Sierra Leone situation would reach the FIFA Member Association Committee that is expected to meet on 26th of September 2018.

FIFA asked that the said roadmap which was agreed on by all parties a few years back should be followed.

However, fans who are following the SLFA Facebook page reacted strongly to the said press release with different views.

Adikalie M Kamara stated in his post: “The so-called FIFA are also contributing to the downfall of Sierra Leone football, let them stay out of our football issue.”

One Ibrahim Bangura noted: “The current SLFA management are using FIFA statute to panic themselves, not Sierra Leoneans. Their impact was woeful and appalling since they assumed office.”

Usman Mohamed Manneh asked: “And no one has the guts to sign this statement?” He further commented: “Bunch of crooks running the affairs of football in our country. I have said it, many times and I will continue to say it.”

Affectionate Giza called on the country’s President, Madam Bio to take prompt action and allow FIFA to ban Sierra Leone from world football which he said will help the country to have a good and restructured national league and to be able to market our young talents who have taken football as their trade.

Solomon Kamara, on the other hand, posted: “Roadmap my foot, for how long this SLFA executive will continue to hold on to power when their term in office has come to an end just for their selfish gains. Is FIFA law over our country law?” he asked.

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