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Minister of Sports Ibrahim Nyelenkeh has engaged football stakeholders and other key players in dialogue to ensure the country’s national leagues kick-start after five years.

According to the Sports Minister, it is about time the stakeholders and other key players see the need for the commencement of the country’s premier league.

“The country is presently affected socially, economically, mentally and physically as a result of non-league,” said the Minister.

“This has even affected the performance of our national team and the youth U-17 as manifested in Ethiopia and Senegal respectively.”

In his response to the minister plea, Chairman of the football stakeholders on behalf of his colleague, Idrissa Mago Tarawally said that they are willing to play the game.

However, Mago was quick to inform the Sports Minister that few important have to be looked into before they start playing.

He said: “Josepha Samba Keilfala who was appointed as the Premier League Board chairman is not qualified to hold such position, hence he should be removed.

“The judicial bodies should be established and approved which can only be done at Congress level.” However, the said meeting was rescheduled Tuesday 18th September 2018.

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