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Sierra Leone’s Anti-Corruption Commissioner boss, Francis Ben Kaifala, has again maintained that the ACC position remains the same.

“Our position remains the same. There is no further comment,” Francis Ben Kaifala told FSL news.

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It means Sierra Leone’s 2019 Africa Cup of Nations qualifying double-header against Ghana is now uncertain.

“The suspension will be lifted once the SLFA and its recognised leadership have confirmed to Fifa that the SLFA administration, premises, accounts and communication channels are under their control once again,” Fifa said.

The embattled SLFA boss Johansen and Sec-Gen Chris Kamara, have been warned that they will face additional charges of “obstruction”, by the Country Anti-Corruption Commissioner, should they fail to step down following an investigation into corruption-related charges.

According to Sierra Leonean law, when charged with certain anti-graft offences, that the duo are being charged with, it is mandatory for one to step down pending the completion of the investigation.

The duo was charged over a year ago on corruption-related charges. Both Johansen and Kamara have denied any wrongdoing.

Meanwhile, a few days ago the ACC boss also used his Twitter account to respond to the FIFA letter addressed to the Sierra Leone Minister of Sports.

“FIFA has to reposition itself to fit into the dynamic paradigm of its member associations’ countries tackling corruption on its spinal cord to deal it a debilitating blow at once,” Francis Ben Kaifala posted.

He added, “FIFA is no example in that regard. Sierra Leone is on the move and can’t be held down any longer!” Ben tweeted.

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