Striker Abu Bakarr Sesay eye operation has been a success, the Sierra Leone Premier League side confirmed in a statement.

Sesay suffered the injury while playing against Kamboi Eagles in March at the Siaka Steven stadium.

The player was diagnosed with glaucoma when travelled to Ghana two weeks ago for specialists eye treatment.

“Old Edwardians Football Club is pleased to inform its supporters and well-wishers that winger, Abubakarr Sesay Alias Ozil, has undergone a successful eye operation today, June 4th, 2019, at Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital in Accra, Ghana,” the club statement said.

“Ozil will stay in Accra for the next three weeks until the specialists are satisfied with his recovery.”

“The club wishes to thank all supporters for the support, throughout this difficult period, to a very talented player and one of the fastest winger, in the country.”

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