The national teams of Italy and Germany top the list of countries the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) is shopping for, to play friendly matches with the Super Eagles next year.

The NFF will not be looking the way of countries below Nigeria in FIFA’s ranking.

The matches will come up during the FIFA’s official windows. The FIFA’s official or friendly windows are March 23-31, August 31-September 8, October 5-13 and November 9-17.

NFF General Secretary, Mohammed Sanusi spoke exclusively to Opera News: “We want to maximise the FIFA’s windows by playing quality matches. It is not about playing matches, but about quality, opposition to strengthen the Super Eagles.”

The Nigerian national team will play qualifiers in the Africa Cup of Nations and World Cup next year.

Sanusi said the Eagles needed tough European opposition to keep them in shape.

Nigeria fell one-nil to Senegal, held Ukraine to 2-2 draw before drawing Brazil one all in Singapore in their last friendly match.

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