English Premier League side Chelsea’s Sierra Leone fan club in collaboration with Popular Sierra Leonean Afro RNB singer Alonzo Abasi has donated assorted food items and toiletries to the medical team of the 34 military hospitals at Wilberforce in Freetown.

The donated goods which comprise of 18 bags of rice, 6 gallons of cooking oil, 3 bags of onions, 5 boxes of Maggie, 20 bundles of water, assorted toiletries and trash bins, will be served as a support in the fight to defeat the unpredicted global pandemic Covid-19.

“As a fan club in Sierra Leone, we want to join the government in the fight to eradicate the virus in our little way. We want to appreciate the relentless effort of our dedicated medical personnel in this fight daily,” Hannah Boima said during the presentation.

“Together we can beat this virus, this is our support to ensure we make the difference and create an impact on the lives of Sierra Leoneans.”

She further admonished that no one should forget the preventive measures in the fight to kick out the deadly virus in Sierra Leone.

Receiving the donations on behalf of the medical team Matron Lieutenant Conel Hannah E.O Pratt said they are overwhelmed with joy to receive such donations from the Chelsea Fan club, Sierra Leone.

“This is the first and only fan club that have made such donations to the 34 medical teams during this difficult time.” E.O Pratt noted.

Pratt added, “This is to show how much the Chelsea Fan Club is grounded with the challenges the medical team is facing during this time and also to appreciate our work that why you are here with these donations.”

However, this is the second Chelsea donations in two weeks. Last week defender Antonio Rüdiger’s foundation committed to provides 60,000 face masks for low-income market traders in the country.


Rudiger to aid market traders with face masks in Sierra Leone

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