Egyptian Football Association (EFA) have confirmed August 7 as the new date for the commencement of the Egyptian Premier League.

According to the EFA, the season will begin its schedule in two phases beginning with all postponed matches before lockdown.

Cairo giants Al-Ahly El Ahly SC was leading the pecking order with 49 points after playing 17 matches before the covid-19 pandemic.

The EFA, however, made no mention of Zamalek – who have said they will not resume playing until a “cure for the virus” is found.

The EFA last month implemented safety guidelines and testing procedures for players mandating two tests with five days separating each test, since then 19 tests have returned positive with individuals in isolation.

? استئناف الدوري 7 أغسطس…. ⬇️⬇️ حدد الاتحاد المصري لكرة القدم يوم 7 أغسطس المقبل موعدا لاستئناف مسابقة الدوري…

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