• Former Sierra Leone midfielder, Mohamed Tejan Kamara, aka Opong has commenced a school building project in Kpandebu village, Nomo Faama Chiefdom, Kenema district
  • An initiative aiming to provide education, and recreational facility for the kids approximately 308.8 km from Freetown
  • The Heart of Giving Children Foundation is to build six classrooms, two toilets, one staff room, a playing and recreational ground in pursuit to help underprivileged kids in and around the Chiefdom

“This is about me giving back to my country. At the age of 12, I lost my dad in Kono during the war, and at age 16, I lost my mum. These two periods were the most difficult in my life. I became an orphan roaming the street of Freetown sleeping rough,” Kamara explained.

He went on, “At times I was sleeping in some unfinished buildings at Kroo Town Road before having the chance to play for Mighty Blackpool where with blessings I was able to prosper in life.”

“To be brief, after my experience as a kid, I am determined despite the obstacle to provide anything in my own little way for children in need.”

The Heart of Giving Children Foundation is in line to support the government flagship program which is the Free and Quality Education (FQE).

The Paramount Chief of Nomo Faama Chiefdom, Kenema district, Patrick Kannah Kabbah lV, has bountifully blessed the praiseworthy initiative.

“Ten months ago the foundation moved with forty feet container full of school learning materials to his Chiefdom that was shared among schools in the Chiefdom. So, I am proud of the brains behind the gesture towards our kids.”

Kannah is calling on all the youths in the Chiefdom to help in their little way to support the work.


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