• Mighty Blackpool Football Club is proud to launch an all-new website.
  • As part of their rebranding and restructuring, Sierra Leone’s most decorated club, Mighty Blackpool has been able to deliver a website that will provide a consistent and official stream for information to their fans worldwide. 

Due to their enormous fan base at home and abroad, the plethora of WhatsApp groups, and social media pages made a lot of information oftentimes unreliable.

The Tis Tas Boys are keen to adopt many fan services on-line as quickly as possible. At the moment, their different membership platforms are available for sale on their website.

They are working to make membership purchase seamlessly available for those based in the diaspora very shortly, where the credit, debit cards and cryptocurrency will be accepted for payment.

The club is also working to have jerseys and other memorabilia available for purchase through the website.

Mighty Blackpool was until late last year, embroiled by infighting which affected the performances on the pitch and even had the team at the bottom of the table midway through the last season.

However, after the previous administration stepped down and dissolved, a good run of games ensured they were able to get into safety.

Attached is the weblink http://www.blackpool.sl/  On Facebook; facebook.com/vivamighty 
By MBFC PRO Ibrahim Sahid Sankoh

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