Striker Alhaji Kamara has been suffering from a muscle injury in his thigh for most of the spring.

The in-form attacker has scored nine goals for Randers before a new tear in the muscle.
As a result, he will miss the Danish Sydbank Cup final against SønderjyskEs at Ceres Park in Aarhus on Thursday.
“In order not to be disappointed, we have chosen to say that I am out for the rest of the season. If I can get minutes in a match or two eventually, I’ll be happy, but we will not climb anything. We’re just focusing on getting me back,” Kamara told amtsavisen. dk.
A historic day for the club will be playing its third Cup final since 2003 against the defending cup champions SønderjyskE Fodbold.
“We have Alhaji Kamara out with injury. But otherwise, everyone else is available,” Randers coach Thomas Thomasberg.
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